Behind the Blender Accountability Group

Some of us here at Fitness Blender (definitely not Kelli and Daniel) want to earn more Workout Completes this year. We’re all at different fitness levels, with different goals, different schedules, and working out to different programs/workouts, but we want to share our progress with you and be active in the community we’re here to serve. Aaaaaannnd we may need to ask for some support and encouragement along the way, because as you all know, FB programs and workouts are no joke.

Here’s the plan. Every Monday we’ll post a quick retrospective of how we did last week, our plan for the current week, and anything that might block us from our goal. Basically, we’re going to run a software development-style sprint every week to help us stay on track. How nerdy is that?

So let’s kick it off with some #realtalk. I had a pretty rough start last week. You know how it goes, work, life stuff, winter weather, trying to incorporate a new routine...

I only completed a couple of my scheduled FB: Low Impact program workouts. What does that tell me? For starters, I’m more out of shape than I realized. If you have ever done Low Impact and it made you sore, I feel you. The other thing it told me is that I’m about to make some serious progress. When you’re just starting out it can feel pretty daunting, but for me it is when I see the most significant improvements. Bring it on!


• Only completed 2 of 6 scheduled workouts

• Soreness made it hard to sleep

• Lack of sleep definitely hurt motivation


• Finish last week’s missed workouts

• Reschedule the program so workouts start on Monday again


• No blockers yet. Here’s hoping I’m not really sore again.