Combo of the day - HIIT + Total body strength (pregnancy modifications) :)


So, this week I'm doing 3 days of HIIT + total body strength and 3 days of lighter cardio (plus stretch on the 6th day). I change a lot how I organize my weeks (ex: next week will be more strength focused, with lower and upper body split).

1 - I really like that HIIT workout. I think just like Kelli, I would classify it as a 3,5 (3,8 if I wanna be more precise, lol). As I-ve already stoped any level 5 HIIT, and I'm starting to cut most of the level 4, too, this is a perfect one for me.

The modifications I made was:

-> 3,2,1 jumping lunges instead of the first exercise with planks

-> Fast High Kness instead of the second exercise with planks

-> Fast Buttkickers instead of bicycle crunches.

2- That's a 10 min cardio from other channel, it's moderated level. Much easier than FB's 10 min HIIT, but harder than FB's low impact 10 mins. I did it instead of the cool down of the first video (that is almost 10 min, too).

3 - This is one of my favorites total body strenght videos