A Feel Good Day

I apologize if I'm posting too much, aha. I want to share about today!

This morning, I woke up with more energy than I've ever felt in the past couple months. I had a good amount of energy to do cardio, but today's scheduled workout was strength training. Oh well, still a workout, and will get me sweaty nonetheless! I just went a little extra eager on the cardio warm up to expend my energy ;)

It was an upper arm workout and I noticed that I was able to lift more! ... But I didn't have bigger weights. What I DID find were old ankle weights. So I tied them securely to my dumbbells and... hooey, my arms are sore!

During my cool down, one of my cats decided to wake up from her nap to join me. It was adorable. She kept purring and rubbing against my legs. It was a happy (and super soft and floofy) way to end the workout!

...now, my other cat joined after the cool down so she can sleep on the mat. Silly cats