I might be obsessed with burning calories but...

So I finally figured out how to work my Fitbit (🥳) and have been able to see how many calories I’m burning during my workouts. I was surprised at how few it seems to be. Before, when I was just guessing, I would use the numbers they have on the sidebar of each workout and figured I was typically in the mid to high range depending on how hard I was pushing myself/how much I was lifting. Well according to my Fitbit I’m barely even reaching the low range numbers! It’s a little disappointing.

I guess I’m wondering, if you don’t have much weight to lose and are in halfway decent shape, is it possible that it just takes a lot more effort to burn more calories? I mean, I can do a 30 minute cardio workout, pushing hard, and only burn like 185 calories. I feel like it should be more. 🤔 But like I said, I might be obsessed with burning calories.

Anyone else?