Daily Check-in: Thursday, January 9th

Hey, FB Fam! How are you fine folk feeling on this Friday Eve? I think for the first time ever here, I have my very own random bird photo for you guys! But this Blue Heron isn't very random here because I've been trying to get a clearer and closer shot of this beautiful bird for months now. By it seeing me nearly everyday, it's gotten more comfortable so I've been able to go from hiding behind the trees to having a minimum 10 foot restraining order against me. Progress.

Hm, maybe I should get a proper camera, but I enjoy the unnecessary challenges of a phone camera.

Anyway, being it's Thursday let's cut right to business and bring up to see who will be our next guest host (ghost) for the upcoming weekend check-in! This week is suppose to be Koppakabana's turn, so if it works for you to do the Weekend Check-in of January 11th and 12th, let me know in your check-in today, Koppakabana! That would be great!

Also; think you want to give this ghosting (guest hosting) thing a shot? Well, speak up! There's plenty of room and I'm sure we would all love the variety you have to offer.. and yes, previous ghosts can also sign up and do it again if you want! Once the pool of first time ghosters are empty, of course.

Alright, now how about them workouts? Sweatfesting or resting? And a reminder that you don't have to work up a sweat or kill yourself to get in a good workout. Everyday your body needs something a little different, be it that rest, sweat, or light movements. So do what you do best, and blend! ..Seems like it would be a good day for me to do some upper body work, but I'm running busy today so we shall see.

Now how about the food? Are we using utencils and dishes or going in with no equipment? Either way, we all need to earn our jaw workout completes! Chew completes? Whatever you want to call it, have that food make you feeling good! I might do soup or something else. Yes, I'm being so specific right there.

Okay, now I hope you guys are in for or had a lovely day. If not, surely there are other days that will be lovely and good to you. For those bad days, walk away and don't give it any more thought. They don't deserve you.

But anyway, thanks, as always, for checking in wherever and whoever you are! It's always a pleasure to read a slice of what's going on with you. Now let's get our Thursday pants on and do this day! Have fun imagining what that looks like.