Daily Check-in: Wednesday, January 8th

Hey there, FB Fam. How are you at this point in the week? The good and not so good, share if you feel like it, but however the feels, we are at the halfway mark, so let's get right to the wildflowers of Wednesday and look right at this Rice Button Aster! Other than pushing the rice button on an instant pot or rice cooker, I don't know what a rice button should look like, so who knows how this little aster got its name. It's another one of those wildflowers that can get overlooked, but still blooming and surviving the winter. And if you look, it has just the tiniest tinge of purple in there ;)

Anyway, how are those workouts treating you? I rested yesterday so I'm thinking a HIIT and core workout will be pretty good for today: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/abs-and-hiit-cardio-workout-no-equipment-lower-body-and-core-challenge

But what is going on with you? The relaxing and the sweat filled days of our Blender lives, do share your episodes today.

Hah, these paragraphs aren't letting me connect them today. They must be in a mood, so there's no better way to do this, other than to just jump into the food. But what are we landing into? Crunchy, chewy, cold, or crumbling; I don't know what I'm describing, because dinner is no clue, but make it work for you!

Okay, once again we've made it to another end. A pretty short and straight forward check-in being I didn't run all around the compass. I hope you guys are all geared and ready to go out there and be great! Make it contagious and do things with a smile. Or maybe a frown.. A grimace, a grin; Whatever the orientation of your facial expression, you can still be great, because you are. And that fact is something to really smile about.