NSV... esp after my rib injury!

Today we changed the summer tyres to winter tyres on our car. Every year when we do that I am pretty determined to loosen the 16 bolts as well as tighten them without as little help from my husband as possible. The last few years I have managed quite well!

So today I set myself the same challenge.... which was obviously more difficult than before because of my rib injury (in early October).

And YES, I DID IT!!!!!!

No help needed at all with the loosening of the bolts.... I always get my husband to check the bolts after I tighten them for safety reasons. AND he couldn’t do them any tighter than I had done them!


As I was tightening the sixteenth bolt, though, my rib decided to tell me that that was definitely enough! So very happy with my achievement, although made extra aware again today that a rib injury does take a long time to completely heal.

BTW I learned to change car tyres when I was 18, because my dad would not let his daughters (he didn’t have sons) drive their own car unless we knew how to change a tyre! I remember one day that his “rule” served me well! Alone with a flat tyre on my car on a country road with very little other traffic... I am eternally grateful to my dad for making us girls learn that skill! And also very grateful to FB for making me that strong still at my ripe old age!