Daily Check-in: Tuesday, January 7th

Hello and welcome to just another day! The jury is out on what kinda day, but it is a Tuesday plus or minus a few hours depending on your location.

The pic today doesn't need an introduction; you've seen them separately, but a two for Tuesday is showing off the two different kinds of leaves the Eastern Redcedar has to offer, side by side right on one tree. Growing from a branch you can't see, we got the young, fast growing shoot recognized by the blueish green needles. And then we have the regular flat and scaley leaves going and growing every which way. It kinda just looks like I stuck my face in a tree, but there are methods to my madness. Mostly.

What I'm not mad about one bit is the workout from yesterday. That new pilates flow is very good! I'm even surprisingly a bit sore. It's different and probably not what I would've picked normally, but I had to try it. It's always good to challenge yourself and mix up your routine. And FB offers plenty of free videos to help you with that.

So what are you doing today, challenging or changing pace? Share the journey and give us a taste.

As for the food, same question. Let's give it the attention it deserves and dive into all things delicious! My food is going to be a pocket of air if I don't think about it and put some peas and carrots together soon; possibly literally being I did not get to the pot pie. I blame life, but do tell us what's going on!

Well, I guess all that's left is to insert something motivational, and send you on your way, but if you had that motivation packed in your lunch box everyday, well, then where's the contrast? Not every day can be full of motivating things to say. Some days really are just another day. Some days you get through the best you can. And some days have so much motivation from the other days that you snack on leftover motivation. It tastes just as good; Microwaved motivation.