“You Never Had Weight To Lose”

“You Never Had Weight To Lose”

In early 2018 I weighed myself and was around 140 lbs. A lot of people don’t consider this to be “overweight”, and it might not be, but for me it wasn’t healthy.

I’m 5’0” and I was so uncomfortable in my own body. Sure my weight wasn’t out of control. Maybe not yet. It was not going in the right direction though. I ate a lot of junk and enjoyed drinking alcohol, but not enough to get drunk often. When I saw the highest weight I’ve ever been in my life that day in 2018 I decided it was time to get serious. I wanted to be healthy and feel better by my 30th birthday this year. 30 isn’t old but I know it will only get tougher to get healthy the older I get so I wanted to get started. I am happy to say that I am now around 113 lbs. I workout or do some kind of stretching everyday and I’ve been eating more healthy and not having seconds and thirds with many of my meals. I feel okay having snacks here and there. I feel like I’m finally in control of my body more.

Along with this journey I’ve struggled some with being afraid of gaining my weight back. Through some of Daniel and Kelli’s motivation and teachings I’ve gotten less worried and I’m trying to just be healthy without adding the stress of fear.

The title of my post is “You Never Had Weight To Lose”. This is something I have heard so many times when people ask me about my weight loss. This is sometimes hard to hear because for me, I didn’t feel good, I didn’t feel strong, I didn’t feel healthy, and yeah, I didn’t like how I looked in general. These things make a difference. My response to this comment from people has been “you may not have been able to see it but I could and I didn’t feel good. Now I do.” This is Probably the healthiest I’ve been in my life. I now feel good, healthy, strong and honestly I really do like how I look most of the time now.

No matter how much weight you want to lose, 5 or 200 or anything else, don’t let anyone else’s comments break your momentum. Everyone wants to tell you how they think you are (too this or not enough that) or how you should be (sexy, skinny, this weight, that body fat percentage). People say things without thinking how it will come off to that other person. Just be healthy, be you, get that goal. You can do this. I did, and I’m so happy I did.