Temptation at Work & Getting Rid of the Pooch

Good morning :) Happy Monday... or not so happy Monday to those who despise them as much as I do LOL

As I return to work, I wonder how you all deal with all of the junk that your co-workers/department bring in on a daily basis? I work for the City and we have a table smack dab in the center of our department that is ALWAYS home to something very bad for you. When a new flavor of Oreo's come out, they're on that table (Peppermint Bark Oreo's was the death of me this Christmas Season). When someone had sweets at a family gathering, the remaining sweets are on that table the next day. And I won't get started on the candy bowl that is ALWAYS filled despite people going through it so quickly. So how do you practice self-control when you walk past something like that every day?

Also, what are some great work outs that you find help with your pooch? I feel like that is the toughest spot to see results and it's the spot that I am most recently struggling with. Let me know :)

Hope you all have a great week!