Ladies developing their upper body

I am curious to see if there are any women out there who are similar to me. My body's response to exercise is always the same, my muscles get big, and fast. In high school I joined the aerobics club, and while the other girls got lithe and lean, my muscles got so big so fast they called me Arnie! I have been with FB about 5 years now and before I got sidelined with a concussion in September, my upper body was basically a triangle. But a big one, as a linebackers daughter I have broad shoulders and thick bones. I have been called intimidating, unnatural, and when I wear a baggy coat and hide my hair, a man. Now that I am lifting again I know my muscles will be growing again, My question is are there any other women here who have a similar issue? If so, how do you maintain a healthy body image? Thank you in advance.