The difference

Ok, ok, ok. So I haven't been around in the community in a while because I've been busy doing BIG THINGS! while I still work out nearly daily, I tackled my unhealthy relationship with food this year and moved MOUNTAINS, one fatty pebble at a time!

I still share fitnessblender with people looking to get active, and I still use the videos from time to time, but I've been so focused and confident that I have mostly just been blending all my favorite exercises into my own personal workout and going for it.

I never would have imagined I would be under 200 again in my lifetime, and today, after YEARS of failure, I can finally say I've done it! 197 lbs, from 300! What a fabulous new year blessing.

If you're feeling discouraged, or you don't know that your able to do it, I just wanted to drop a little encouragement here for you! YES. YOU. CAN!

Eternally grateful for you guys