Suggestions for an *accurate* scale please!


I am OK with the scale my BF has. It automatically does its thing when you step on it, but even he has noticed at times the weight will fluctuate (sometimes ALOT) just by stepping off and back on.

I knew it was bad, and took about 2 weeks before doing my first official weigh in on Jan 17 and was like meh... not surprised but this is better than I feared!!

Went to the Dr. for a physical later that morning, and their scale said almost 144! Ugh. So, no wonder I have gained much more than I initially thought, cause last time I weighed myself back in summer it was the same thing. Fearing for worse, and was 134. But in reality I was probably more like 138.

SO..... I gave it a week of continued diligence and pushed myself a bit harder. Weighed myself exactly the same way the next Wed and went from 140 to 141.8. !!?? Naturally at the Dr. later THAT day, also a 2 lb gain, 146.4. Sigh.

Today I weighed myself as usual and braced myelf but was pleased to see a small drop! 139.4 YAY!! No doubt the scale at the Dr. office would probably say like..142 or something but that's good, it's going in the RIGHT direction atleast (knoock wood) .

I am shopping for a new scale though and would like one that tells me the truth. I want to know where I truly stand but also want to know my body fat %, water, etc. I am very very skeptical if ANY scale can really with any accuracy worth basing anything from tell me these stats so I am here.

I see the ads for the Fitbit one but do not like buying into branded goods, items that are popular due to insane marketing.

It is overwhelming, SO so so many choices, all within the same price ranges, reviews, etc.

Preferbly one I can sync with both MFP and Fitbit.

Any suggestions/recommendations....??