Embarrassing story from kickboxing and advice needed


About 3 months ago I joined a gym with a MMA/Kickboxing studio associated with it. One of the programs I signed up for was for hard core kickboxing, which involves training with instructors over 2-3 weeks an then doing real sparring with other members. Having boxed in college I thought I would give it a try.

I enjoyed the training and calorie burn from the training and was excited to move in to the sparring. They made it clear from the beginning that this was full contact/no holds barred, but that everyone you would be paired with was at the same level. My first match was fun/exciting - I sparred for one round with a guy similar to me in size/stature (165 lbs, 5'10 is what I am), and he did not want to continue after one round as I got in a couple of good licks. So now I'm feeling confident going in to my match the next week, but was surprised to find out that I was matched against a female who was around 110lbs. I questioned this up front but they assured me our skill/training was at the same level and she was anxious to get in with me. She is a fitness type(looks like one of those NPC bikini girls) and I thought it would be challenging and I would feel it out.

Well only later did I learn that while she had limited kickboxing experience, she was a 2nd degree black belt in TaeKwonDo. Within the first round, she knocked me out cold with a couple of kicks to the head (I only remember the first one as I was out for a couple of minutes and foggy for about 10 min afterwards).

So my question is - I can get over the idea of losing to a skilled female, but I feel like I was set up by the person arranging the matches. I found out that this girl has KO'd several male members and it is something of a 'right of passage' for new males in this program. On the one hand I won't get better without training, but I also feel burned. Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.