Goal reached, new goal set

A few months ago I bought myself a pair of pants online.. they did not fit. My goal then became to wear the pants comfortably. I first counted calories, but switched to intuïtieve eating 2 months ago. I have done FB30, FBstrong and the short FB sweat since july. Even after christmas and all the food, the pants still fit (on day 2 of wearing them I now even need a belt...).

Next year december I have a wedding to attend to. I am the 'getuige' (witness, we need to sign a paper when we get married and have at least one witness sign as well) of the bride, so I want to get in even better shape for that. My new goal is the pants in the comments. I used to be able to wear them, when my son was about 2, that's 8 years ago.

I've got FB30 r4 planned, a repeat of Strong and FB adventure.

Hope 2020 will be a fit and healthy year for all of us!!

Edited to add: weight IS just a number. I just came across something I wrote in july. My goal was to lose 5 kg and wear the pants. I succeeded in the latter, but 'only' lost 3 kg.