The Importance of NOT Making the Wrong Comments at the Wrong Time

I’m doing FB Mass at the moment, for the second time actually, and it’s going quite well. I’m not building up big muscles obviously but while doing overhead presses the other day I caught my reflection in a picture on my wall and thought ‘well, those arms don’t look too bad’, which, coming from me, is a big compliment. Also, this morning I looked in the mirror and didn’t think that my eyes looked like those of a tired reptile whose mother had an affair with an albino rabbit. (I’m on holiday and can get enough sleep.)

Then, after lunch today a family member (a very close one), just out of the blue really, says that actually I should put on some weight because my FACE would look better. The ‘logic’, and I could practically use a hundred quotation marks here, behind this remark is that a thin face might suggest illness and/or peakiness. It has nothing to do with bone structure. NO. That would be quite logical. Also, what does it matter if the body is in its best possible shape when the face is unattractive, right? Now the aforementioned family member knows I have problems with my face, although she doesn’t and never will know the depth of the problems, she could have simply looked at me without saying one bloody word but for some strange reason opted for not shutting up. It has happened before so I wasn’t surprised but it obviously hurt my feelings otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting here typing furiously.

I’m smiling now because I know what you’re all going to say and I have half a mind to delete this whole tirade but I want to say ‘see? I knew what these lovely people were going to say. I can see the future AND I’m a mind reader too’. Those are two superpowers you can give me although if I had to choose a superpower I would love to be fluent in every language in the world.

So I’m off to bed now = I’ll read in an armchair until I fall asleep and wake up with a crick in my neck. It’s quite late and I need my beauty sleep. Ha!

PS, I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had a nice, peaceful time spent in good company eating delicious food. And CAKE. Obviously.