Hello! New to FB community, but not new to FB workouts

Hello FB community. My name is Emily and I am new to the FB social aspect, but have been working out with FB for quite some time now.

I am posting on here because I am looking for support, accountability, and to connect with some like-minded individuals. I am pretty active but have always struggled with body image issues, confidence, etc. I tend to start focusing on numbers and what I wish I looked like rather than how I actually feel. This has gone on for many years and I was doing well with it until I went back to school for my master's degree. Needless to say the stress took a toll on me, my body, my energy, everything! I stayed active but my nutrition became a mess! With stress and exhaustion came a lot of cravings and some added pounds, luckily nothing too serious though.

Anyway, long story (kind of) short, I thought it might be fun to try to connect and be accountable on here. If this jives with you, I would love to connect! Thanks for reading and happy holidays! :)