Daily Check-in: Tuesday, December 24th

What's up everyone? I hope things are humming along just fine and you are dancing to you your own tune. And some of that tune might be a little Christmasy, because it's Christmas Eve! And maybe already Christmas for some of you! So that's what's up today!

I'll tell you something else that's up; Mistletoe! ..You see that sorta round ball of tangly leaves up there on this leafless tree? Well, that clump of greenery is the leafy mistletoe commonly found in Florida. And while this evergreen might pitch the excuse that it's providing some cover for this naked tree, it's actually parasitic; usually found up high on its deciduous hosts. So when Fall/Winter arrives, the mistletoe can't hide anymore than the someone caught right under one.

Becasue there's nothing like standing under a parasitic plant that screams, "Kiss me, it's almost Christmas."

Speaking of Christmas, some of us are planning a last minute 1000 calorie workout Christmas party tomorrow as a way to celebrate Fitness Blender passing the 1 billion views mark! Anyone can join, so feel free. Just do whatever 1000 calorie workout you want to do on Christmas and that's it! And if you're having trouble deciding what 1000 calorie torture you'd like to do, let the "surprise me" button decide for you!

But that's all for tomorrow. Let's talk about those workouts and or rests for today. I hope you are doing what feels good! And if you're hesitant to tackle something harder, just remember that you can always modify whenever you have to. Scary workouts don't seem so scary when we have the power of modification, yeah?

Speaking of modification, (my transitions are so on point today) yesterdays planned dinner did not make it to my mouth.🙈 ..The power of taco was too strong and so I modified the plan to eat those instead. Tonights dinner will be pizza. Because it's tradition here for our family to have pizza on Christmas Eve. You won't hear any complaing from me about that! But enough about my food; tell me about all the delicious food going into your mouths. From my mouth to yours.

Gosh, that really did sound less weird when I first wrote that. Eh, I blame the mistletoe.

Speaking of mistletoe..Nope, already covered that one. So I guess the only advice I have for you today is to keep looking up. Keep looking up because who knows what life will bring. Look up, if anything, to avoid getting caught under parasitic leafy green balls with kissing tradition tendencies. Look up because I stayed with one direction on this check-in and I'm going with it.