Daily Check-in: Monday, December 23rd

Hello my fabulous FB Fam! Whatever time of the day it may be for you, how are you doing and feeling on this special Christmas Eve Eve? ..Or Eve Squared, if you will, edition if the check-in? Due to the approaching holiday, we shall refrain from referring to today as, "Monday." It simply does not exist this week. There. Done and decided 😂

Anyway, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good! Busy, but good! I got a lot done, and finally; FINALLY got the Christmas tree up. I know I talked about getting it up there around the first of this month, but I'm actually lucky it's up now. I've been known to put the tree up like the night before X-mas🙈 ..Oh well; better late than never, I say! But yeah, I had a pretty good weekend and I hope for the most part you did too! If not, let the promise of fresh week reinvigorate you and be like a bit of a reset.

And I saw Lea did an outstanding job with the weekend check-in! You're a natural, Lea! Not that you needed my approval, but seriously; great job and thank YOU for keeping it going and putting your own unique flavor into the check-in. And for those wondering, we will be having more check-in guest hosts from different Blenders over the next coming weekends, so it'll be a lot of fun to read from others!

I also see that over the weekend, Fitness Blender passed the 1 billion views mark. That's a one with a whole lotta zeros! A whole lotta #workoutcompletes! And that number is only going to get bigger, so huge congrats to K&D for another amazing accomplishment and milestone! It's not world domination, but close enough^^😜

Moving down the check-in conveyer belt and just waiting there to be talked about, I have some Virginia Creeper for you in today's photo; giving a blushing, five leaves kinda wave to you against the contrast of some Florida greenery. It makes for another fine red and green combo and just right for a festive atmosphere! Or it's just another day with a vine that happens to be red this time of year hanging out with saw palmetto that is, well, always green. I'm fully aware of all my run on sentences; they like to jog, borderline practicing for a 5k.

Well, whatever mood is in the air now, what workouts are we diving into today? Do we need to sweat and get all sore, or hit up that couch and take it easy? Note that's a very wide range. You don't need to have sore muscles afterwards or even sweat much during your workout. Those aren't sole indicators to determine a great workout. Nor does couching all day long indicate a good rest. Working out and rest is a balance on many levels and looks different for everyone. As long as you push yourself safely with good form, modify where you need to and feel amazing by the end, it is enough. You probably already knew that, but just in case you didn't, I got you covered.😉

..Since I didn't workout all weekend, I feel rested enough to want to tackle something total body: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/total-body-strength-training-and-bodyweight-cardio-intervals-sore-today-strong-tomorrow


^Sounds like a good combo to me on this fine day that has no name other than the day before the day before Christmas.

Alright, food time! What are we eating to recharge our batteries and have us feeling good? I'm thinking maybe something like a stew. Maybe something along the lines of an African peanut stew like this one: https://cookieandkate.com/west-african-peanut-soup/

Haven't made one in a while, but it does sound pretty good especially when you throw sweet potatoes in there. So that's my plan...for now. Plans are always subject to changing around here, but what does your food look like for today? C'mon and give us a taste for all your meals!

Okay, it's a brand new week and there's this thing called Christmas happening in a couple days, so that should change things up from the ordinary week, yeah? ..But for now, let's focus on the face of today, whether the day be great or not for you, don't forget that you are great and nothing can change that. I'm just here to remind you of that obvious fact. :)