Daily Check-in: Saturday 21 December and Sunday 22 December

Good morning FB family. Or Good afternoon if you live to the east of me and good night, and hopefully still fast asleep, if you live to the west of me! In short: Good day to all blenders.

My picture for today is this beautiful bird’s nest we found during our nature conservation work on Thursday. The rangers thought it likely to be a starling’s nest, obviously abandoned quite some time ago, considering the moss started growing over it. I find the perfect shape and the softness inside really amazing! I can imagine baby starlings snuggled up together in this nest being perfectly looked after by mum and dad.... sorry this is not your customary botanical lesson, but I do not possess any of Kim’s wisdom or Raven’s knowledge! Thanks Raven, for letting me host this check-in. Oh and in case you were left wondering about the nest: it was certainly NOT thrown onto the massive bonfire!!! The ranger took it away for display purposes, which means it will be on show next to other interesting finds to “enlighten” the public. These conservation work days are not only good workouts, but I also learn a lot!

Glad to have got the word workout in that sentence, cause that leads me to our next item on the list... your workout plans for this weekend?!?! Are you working out? Are you resting? Or having an otherwise active day or days? I have recently got into doing this workout:


I love doing this in the morning, to wake up my (old) limbs. I have to admit that after my injuries I have got out of the habit of religiously doing FB routines. Trying to get back into it by doing short routines helps I find. Anyway, staying active in whatever way works for you is the most important thing in all this. A healthy lifestyle is more important than an exercise routine which is too strict that it makes you feel guilty for not doing it. I hope you all agree!

Healthy lifestyle obviously also includes FOOD! What are you guys planning for today and tomorrow? Anything major or just something quick, cause Christmas is on its way? Are you doing lots of prepping for Christmas? Are you a real food fanatic? Or can you not be bothered too much about cooking as long as your body gets food? I am ashamed to say I belong in that last category! Today is my turn to cook, so normally that would mean something vegetarian and simple and last minute planned... but yesterday evening we went for a walk along the beach and went for a quick drink in our favourite pub restaurant and guess what: yay, we booked a table for tonight! Phew, that’s my turn to cook organised!

OK lovely FB Family, looking forward to reading about all the things you are doing this weekend. Stay safe, look after yourself and keep yourself sane in these busy days!