Getting a better reason for keeping fit and setting goals along the way

I first started fitness blender several years ago, while going out with someone who was also going out with a dancer & Pilates instructor. I felt great and it was thrilling to watch my muscles develop, but in my mind I was doing it to stay romantically relevant in the face of competition. It didn’t last long, and I took several stabs at getting back to it over the last few years but rarely got past sticking the plan on my calendar and feeling good about my idea to start the very next day.

I see now that an honest & genuine answer to ‘why am I doing this?’ along with a stated goal can do a lot to support me in sticking with it this time.

Reasons to exercise:

I feel really good after a workout

I pay closer attention to food when I really need it for fuel

I never regret a workout once its done

My sore muscles feel like little badges of honor

Flexing in front of the mirror and being genuinely impressed feels pretty cool

Life has me in my head all the time, I will take every opportunity to be in my body instead

Increased lower body strength has been said to reduce lower back pain

Every workout complete is another 1/8th of a centimeter growth in my futurebutt

It’s the perfect time of year to stay in most nights lifting weights

Working out refreshes my appreciation for breathing so I smoke way less

Current Goal: complete 4 weeks of FB Booty and FB Strong together

Why: Commit to showing up every day, developing the habit & integrating the routine

Health and fitness are not values my current small social circle embraces, so I really appreciate having this nice community for accountability.