Daily Check-in: Fitness Friday, December 20th

What's up everyone? Or if you prefer, what's going down? Whatever the direction and status of you, if you are reading this, then that means we have made it to some part of Friday. Yay! Which means we can start thinking about and implementing those weekend plans.^^

Speaking of weekend, you're going to have to do it without me as you will have Lea being your dearest check-in guest host for this weekend. Thanks again so much, Lea! I have no doubt you will do a fine job!

But before we can get to Lea and all things weekend, we need to deal with Friday. And I bet your Friday could use some brown leaves with blue skies in the distance, huh? That's what I didn't think. But check out that red and green leaf! It's like the trees know it's nearing Christmas. The featured leaves for today are from a Turkey Oak tree, which happens to be one of my favorite oak trees.

Yes, I have a favorite oak. Doesn't everyone?

In addition to the fact I don't have many of these on my property, I just really like the big weirdly shaped leaves; which are suppose to resemble turkey feet, hence the name Turkey Oak. I mean, it kinda looks like turkey feet at the tops, but...not really. At least to me, turkey doesn't come to mind when I see this tree. Mouth full of rhymes in that last sentence.

Speaking of full mouths, let's mix this up and get right to the food. The workouts can wait a paragraph or two. You guys know I'm all about that pizza for dinner. All the yums to that, but what are you guys cooking up or swallowing down? Ah, there I go with the directions again, right? ..Well, let's see what's left. 🙉

Workouts! That's what's left! What direction are we taking those? Easy lane? Hard road? Maybe do the rest thing! I did an upper body routine yesterday that has me feeling a little T-rexy. And I'm not mad about it. That just means I'll do some lower body work today to round off this week: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/no-equipment-hiit-cardio-home-workout-quick-and-intense-hiit


Now to put the cherry on top of this check-in shake, let's make it the Fitness Friday before Christmas! We all know that around the holidays maybe we don't work out quite as much or eat as clean as we do the rest of the year, and that's okay. It's a special time and in the long run you're not going to loose any progress towards your goals by slacking off on those workouts or eating a few extra treats here and there. But what about the third aspect regarding health? I'm talking about undue stress the holiday might bring on. Sure, this might mostly be a wonderful time of year and bring lots of joy, but it can still be stressful for some more than others to varying degrees in different ways at different times..

So my question to you is how best are you dealing with any stress towards the holidays? I think the best things that help me is basically doing something simple or a task that can help clear the mind and not require too much thinking. Anyway, I'll mostly just be listening to what you guys have to say on the matter and I hope this question doesn't cause stress. Ignore it if it does! I won't mind.

Whew, I'm being long winded today, but I think that about does it for me! Thanks for reading, thanks for checking in and I hope you all have a great day today and a stellar upcoming weekend. I will see you guys right back here on Monday!

Oakey Doakey, I'm out!