My best workout space ever :)


I've been renting this condo for three years now. Because I have so much room I've been consistently working out here year round. My last place had a super tiny area and was an inferno in the summer and ice box in winter. But I will skip working out during extreme heatwaves even at this place. It's just not a good combo.

I've ruined the rug, it's matted down in the middle in the part nearest the TV lol! I store my weights nearby but I'd prefer them to be hidden. I have a big fan I use a lot as well. My dog has recently discovered Kelli and was totally entranced by her during yesterday's workout but I'm unable to add a second picture.

I'd have to say that this is the best space I've ever had, even better than my basement in Canada. I've always made the effort in the past but I'm really spoiled now :)