Did some blood tests and just came back from my doctor...


I'm really proud to say, the results are the best I ever had :)

I'm excited and thoughts the community would understand how I feel.

I'm 32 now, and at 26 I had a sedentary lifestyle and a weight I wasn't happy about. I had high cholesterol levels, high blood sugar and running to catch the bus left me sweating, panting and a little ashamed! My father's deteriorating health, very much related to his lifestyle, was a frightening wake-up call that made me realize I must change or suffer like he does.

I have been eating reasonably healthy and exercising, specifically with FB for over 4 years now! Some months I had to stop due to life changes, but I always come back. Sometimes I don't meet my own goals, so I let it go and do what I can. I'm only 5% lighter than I was 6 years ago and my BMI is still a bit high (my love for food hasn't gone anywhere) but I'm much healthier and stronger, have so much more muscle mass and energy. When my doctor asked "do you exercise regularly?" I said "yes, 3-4 times a week" and he asked what sports - to which I replied, "Weightlifting, aerobics, cycling, a bit of yoga..." and he was actually impressed which made me so, so proud :) :)

Some weeks I find it difficult to squeeze in 5 workouts. Some times I worry that 4 times a week is 'not enough'. Today I feel that sticking to specific numbers for no reason isn't the important thing - what's really important is to keep going, do what you can and stick with it. I can't thank Daniel and Kelli enough for taking a huge part in a life changing process.