Celebrating my 40 yrs birthday...and my new body!

Hi Fitness Blender community!

I wanted to share my progress with you! Here's a little bit of my story:

I've always been a skinny person, until I reach my 30's. After a difficult period of my life following the birth of my daughter, like many women (and men, I guess) I was finding comfort in eating food. I had a sedentary job too, and slowly I gained weight, going from 129 lbs to 168 lbs within 8 years. I'm 5'6".

I tried multiple times to loose weight, without much success. I went to the gym, but I stopped going after 6 months, my time was limited with the child and the commute. Plus, gyms are so expensive (and they stink ^^). I didn't diet because I don't think diets work, but I had a bad habit of eating chips and chocolate during the evening while I was watching Netflix. I knew that was the issue, but it's so hard to change old habits! :-(

I started to feel very self conscious with my body. I was losing my confidence. I knew FB's YouTube channel for a long time, but it's only when I purchased their programs and when I committed to DO them that I started to see results!

In April 2019, I started FB Low Impact program. Videos are less than 40 minutes, perfect for a busy mom like me. I noticed that after my workout, I didn't have ANY craves for food, even chocolate. I just wanted to drink water :) I gained more energy. The balance didn't show a weight loss, but my clothes said otherwise. I lost maybe 2 lbs the first month, but I decided to keep going and I started "FB Strong" the next month.

At first, I was using 6 lbs dumbells and I thought they were heavy...but very soon I had to switch with 9 lbs dumbells and after that...15lbs! I built muscles and my God, I was so proud of myself! And then, the weight loss started more seriously.

It took me about 11 months to lose 17 pounds (I already lost 4 lbs before starting FB's programs).

I'm 39 years old, and tomorrow I will turn 40. Yesterday, I tried new clothes and a bikini I purchased 6 months ago (it's winter here in Canada, so we don't get to wear bikinis very often!). I was amazed by how much my body improved since last summer! I feel great and sexy.

I definitely recommend the Fitness blender if you want to loose weight, gain more strength or if you want more energy. Thank you Daniel and Kelly for creating such good content!