Daily Check-in: Monday, December 2nd


Hello Blenders! And Happy December to you all!

How are you guys doing? How was your weekend? How was your Thanksgiving (if you celebrated, that is)?

I hope all is well in your part of the world!

We're officially in full Christmas mode here! I've got the music, the snow/ice, the decorations, and am getting some of my baking done! It's pretty fun! I enjoy it!

And I wanna thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes for my Furry Trainer #2. She is not out of the woods yet, but she is much improved from where she was last week. It was scary how ill she was. But, she's eating, drinking, and has not vomited in at least 48 hours---so hopefully, we can just keep going upwards from here!

I really do appreciate all of you thinking about her, and taking the time to send healing thoughts her way! I means a whole heck of a lot to me---so thank you!

Ok, so, now, it's time for today's Random Photo! We got a nice shot of ice and snow on Sunday, so several outside-y things are covered in a decent coating of ice. (And FYI, "outside-y things" is a totally scientifically based phrase.😆) This particular pine cone is from a jack pine tree. What's cool about it (other than how it looks coated in ice) is that this pine cone will only open up and drop its seeds if it's exposed to fire. Jack pines have two different cone types, and this particular one is the type that allows the species to survive and thrive even when faced with wildfires. And yes, you can just throw one of these cones onto a campfire or something and it will open up! Pretty interesting tree adaptation if you ask me!

Alrighty, now, let's talk about some workouts, shall we? What do your workouts look like for today, Blenders? Or perhaps it's a rest day?

I'm starting off Week 3 of Blend! I maneuvered some workouts around during the holiday, so I could stay relatively on track here with Blend. (Also got some EC with our first "real" snow shoveling of the season! Oye! That was a sweatfest!) So today, it's all about the total body workouts--and I'm pretty happy about that! Normally total body routines aren't necessarily my favorite, if I'm honest, but this week is going to be majorly busy. So having three days of total body workouts interspersed with a couple active recovery days is perfection for a this busy week! It's like FB knew this and planned it out accordingly! haha. So thanks again K & D!

And naturally, we gotta refuel after all the awesome things we do each day, so now it's time to talk about that #eatrealfood! What's on the menu for today, Blenders?

We're still workin our way through Turkey Day leftovers! We've just about got 'em whittled down, but it'll still be something with turkey for supper again tonight!

Well FB Fam, that's it for today's ramblings!

I hope you all have a fantastic day and thanks so much for checking in with me!

Take care, FB Fam! And enjoy those workouts (or rest) today!