Feeling So Proud!



I'm into my third week of the FB Bodweight program and it's been so rewarding. I'm so proud of myself because this is the most consistent I've ever been with exercise! Plus, I'm having so much fun with it!

I've also made a lot of progress with healthy eating and portion control. In the past, I could never sustain weight loss because I felt so deprived and sad. This time I resolved to be realistic and mindful. I'm researching tasty and healthy recipes, cooking a lot, and planning my weekend meals. Yes, I have cookies, but I follow a healthy baking recipe to bake them at home!

I'm so happy that I can see the finish line. It may take me a year to lose 30 pounds, but at least it will be sustainable and I'll have fun along the way.

I love the FB community and all the support and the sharing because it's so motivating. Thank you!!