Fitnessblender is awesome! Thank you!

Hey fbfamily! I just want to share my story..

Picture is from June 2016 and most recent photo.

So many years ago my friend introduce me to fitnessblender but at that point of time I did not know the existence of workout plan. So I gave up very quickly not knowing which video to do.

Then I went for running.. others workout videos with all the shouting and never struggle instructors. It never last.. haha.. doing the same video over and over again is boring and not a fan of running with no result.

back in 2016 I went for body checkup and I have slightly over the range cholesterol (with family history so no surrprie). Doctor said with my age no medication required but recommend to do more exercise. So in Jun 2016 I found fitnessblender back again with workout plan. Workout plan are awesome! I started doing the plan, filling guilty if I miss any day (shouldn't be!) due to work or falling sick etc. Fast forward 1 year later, my cholesterol level went to normal range! Wooohoo! Ever since then i have been following fitnessblender plans as I really love how real k&d are. Thank you guys!

I learnt from fitnessblender how to love ourselves, is ok to rest, progress take time, slow and steady as is lifestyle change to stay healtny. Recently I am having a break due to crazy work schedules. I hope I am back to clock my workout complete soon! (Although I still feel guilty when I am not able to clock but keep telling myself is ok to rest!)

Have a nice week ahead everyone! Thanks for reading !