Monday's New Workout! What's your “happy place” during a workout?


New Workout is LIVE: 43 Minute Upper Body Strength and Cardio Kickboxing Workout (with warm up and cool down) 

->This upper body routine weaves cardio kickboxing intervals in between strength sets for a workout that challenges muscle and endurance. This ends up being a sweaty challenge that will leave you huffing and puffing, but I've included both advanced and beginner modifications, as well as options for people who have dumbbells or no equipment at all.

The new workout videos are starting to go live early/first on our website (as a tiny thanks to our community - thank you!).

Remember, we also offer home workout programs for every goal and fitness level

Monday's question is: What's your "happy place" during a tough workout? For me, it might be on a warm beach. Floating around nice and easy on a lake or the ocean. Or the feeling once I'm finished (accomplished, relaxed, less stressed). Or maybe even just a shower, tasty meal and well earned lazy time later in the day!

Are you earning your workout complete today? Let us know what kind of training you would most like to see next in the comments below. Hope your week is off to a great start!