Losing my gains

I know there is an inspirational video frim Kelly about this, I just never thought it would apply to me.

For five straight years I worked out with Kelli and Daniel (usually 5-6 days/week) I've gained way more than I lost. I even got to the point where I strayed for a bit and finished 80 day obsession...FB gave me basics to even consider it.

This summer I decided to give myself a break. I worked out as I wanted and still averaged 3X/week.

In September life took alot of stressful turns and I began to slack.

Than I thought I was finally set to get going again at the start of November only to be hospitalized sick.

I currently have very limited use of my right arm (well can use it, but painful). I have no idea how long this will last. Ive already prepared myself to start at the beginning and will purchase FB low impact when able.

Im just feeling depressed and defeated these days. I want to be moving, but cant (I do walk, average 20,000 steps/day). The mood is making it difficult to continue healthy eating.

Sorry just my little whine, Im in need of a pick me up. Most those around me dont understand the positive effect FB/excersise has on my mood too.