so i have a swim meet tomorrow, and since i was so stressed, i was wondering: what should i do to make sure that this would be one of the most successful swim meets i have ever had? me bring the completely and utterly clueless person i am, decided to take it to this platform, here is my situation:

In my swim team, we have four tiers and I am in one of the bottom tiers unfortunately, i'm trying super hard to move tiers, and i have this one shot to prove to them that i should be able to move tiers, the only way I could prove it to them is by getting a good swim time, and since it is the last day before the swim meet, I was wondering if anyone had any tips and tricks or if anyone has any sort of advice in general on what to do the day of the swim meet or what to do before it? Any sort of comment will be highly appreciated, and any advice or tips in general will be highly valued by myself.

so please, if anyone has any suggestions on what workout i should do before my swim meet or what i should consider on the day of my swim meet, please comment and tell me, as i am horrifically desperate and i may blow up any minute now due to over-excitement and over-over-over-nervousness.