Making a comeback...


Well I’ve been rather quiet on here from the beginning of this year really!

I worked out 3-4 times a week until May, and as soon as I came back from my holiday in Mexico I had lost all motivation. I tried and tried to get back into a routine, but nothing was working for me!

In June I started ‘Couch to 5K’ and kept that up for around a month - but then gave up on that too. And when I was doing it, I wasn’t even running 3 times per week - probably twice at the most. I just couldn’t face any form of exercise. Physically I could - mentally I couldn’t.

August I got a little ill with IBS and when it kicks in, it hits hard! I can’t get out of bed with the severity of the pain (I’ve since found out that Lentils (aka the devil) are the cause) so they’ve been eliminated from my diet! But after I had IBS I went away for a long weekend, so again this was a distraction from working out.

It got to September and I realised that I really need to get back into the swing of things - so I added FB30 to my calendar and pushed through. It took me a week longer than it should have (hence the week gap in October) but I did it! Now I’m coming to the end of FB Burn, and I already have my calendar full up to Christmas! I’ve been running at least twice a week as well, and I’m feeling so much better. Mentally, and physically, I’m in a much better place than 6 months ago.

When I go for a run I can’t decide between taking pictures, or getting the run done. So I’ve been running during the week, and going back round the route for walks on weekends to take some beautiful lil pictures.

I’m still struggling with some things at the moment - my new contraception has put a shed load of weight on me, so I’m swapping back to my previous next week once I’ve been to the doctors. BUT that ain’t gonna stop me this time. That been out of my hands - I know that I’ve been exercising and eating clean enough that my actions haven’t done this.

Most importantly, whilst I have the struggles - I’ve also realised just what I can do now, compared to when I first started 18 months ago, and it really helps with the motivation!

Sorry for the length of the post, I’m just rather proud of myself at the moment, despite what my progress pictures are looking like.