FB Sweat Day 16+17 Upper body + Cardio and Strength + Piliates


I completed my workouts for both days. They were both with Kellie and my body is tired from the two days of working out. Yesterday morning I was working outside and that afternoon I went down to play for a while then I came up took care of the animals and did my workout. After I was done with all of it, we sat down and watched a really good family movie called A Dog's Purpose, It is a very emoitinal movie to watch with the whole family I would suggest it to anyone who would sit down with their family and watch the movie. This morning I went down to Sunrise to have the last wine put on my teeth and I pick out Christmas colors to put on my teeth. My orthodoniest Dr. Sanders was wearing tie-dye color socks and I was laughing so hard that I made him laugh too. After the workout I did for today, my legs are still shaking after the workout and I know I am going to be feeling it tomorrow in my legs.