Don't Neglect the Lower Back!

The lower back is often a weak spot for many people—without them even knowing it. However, even though your lower back has an integral group of muscles that affects almost every motion the body does throughout the day, the simple fact is that the lower back is often overlooked when it is time to workout.

Well, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a quick, effective routine that is designed to target the lower back quickly and effectively so you don't have to devote copious time to a group of muscles that may not be your main focus (though they probably should be). The main intention of this routine is to effectively burn out the lower back to increase endurance, and even strength for some people, without taking up precious exercise time that you would rather use for focusing on weight loss, total body toning and shaping, improving cardiovascular endurance, etc.

Quick tip before you dive into this one—only do this routine as the last workout of the day, as the only workout of the day, or with at least a 4 hour break before another workout (to keep you from exhausting your lower back before you move on to another workout that requires the lower back for support).

How do you incorporate your back into your exercise routine? Any tips we should all try?

P.S. We were reminded of this short, sweet (but effective!) routine by using the FB Plus Surprise Me button. We're having so much fun with it...hope you are too!