4 months today! Slowly getting those abs! Pics included :)

Hey guysssss me again 😂

How's everyone going? It's Monday here (Australia) hope everyone's week starts off great :) sooo four months today I've been following just fitness blenders workouts and I'm finallllyyyyyy getting abs!! Whatttttt...... so I'm pretty excited I've always been over weight so I never actually thought I would ever see abs on me and my body has adapted well to working out and I've been pushing myself lately (with the occasional bad day eg all last week I ate crap) but that's ok! So here's the first pic I took when I started out, too I think the 1st of December the middle one is (or first week of dec) and then the last one is today where you can kinda see my little baby abs 😂 Im buying the new program on Wednesday so I'm sooo excited!! How's everyone going on it?? Can't wait to hear people's results I think most people will be finished soon! Xx