FB Plus question(s)


Hello there.

What I am about to tell may seem stupid.

I have access FB plus but I don't remember purchasing it?

I am college student and I watch after every penny I spend so it is weird that I have access if I didn't spend any money on it. My bank account shows exact amount of money that I had before I realized I have the access.

I can't sign out of FB plus. It is weird pretty much. It says you can cancel it with one button on your profile, but I can't see it.

Maybe I don't fully understand FB plus concept and I am maybe overreacting but I am confused and I am asking if somebody can help? I haven't worked out with FB for about two months. I have seen that they accomplished launching FB plus but I am not familiar with it's fully use and how to properly handle it.

ANY advice would be great. I am confused as hell. :')