Yellow Curry Soup with Black Rice


Who’s ready for a great soup recipe?

We’re not sure about where you live, but when soup season comes, watch out!

There are so many wonderful options when it comes to soup, which allow you to cram a ton of nutrients into an easy-to-prepare bowl of goodness.

We all have our go-to soup recipes (we’d love to hear which ones are your favorites!), but we love to expand our palates and try new and interesting flavor profiles, which this Yellow Curry Soup with Black Rice recipe has in spades.

Apart from the multiple health benefits of a soup like this (see the full recipe for more detail), the range of ingredients in this curry soup creates a really interesting and unique texture sensation. From the juicy mushrooms, to the sweet potato which becomes a natural thickener, to the pop of the peas, the softened (but still spicy) red peppers, the smooth spinach leaves, and, of course, the black rice when you add it at the end.

What are your favorite soup recipes?