FB Plus - New YouTube & Analytics Profile Settings

FB Plus Early Access Blenders,

Be sure and check out your profile today as there are some new settings! To access, click your avatar and then "Account" from the drop down.

Display Analytics?

Although metics and stats can be interesting, for some it could be distracting or simply something you do not want to see. Change the setting to "no" and analytics will be hidden completely (even from navigation)! This setting can be changed at any time (you will not lose any data).

Default Video Player

You can now change your default player preference to YouTube. Please note that ads cannot be disabled on the YouTube player and some FB Plus videos require / will automatically switch to the Ads Free player as needed. This option can helpful if you are casting to a SmartTV or device does not support Chromecast or Airplay (check the FB Plus player requirements). This setting can also be changed at anytime.

Thanks! Brandon