Relationships with food can be complicated, you say?

You know how Kelli and Daniel always say that “relationships with food can be complicated” or something like that?

Well, I totally agree.

After I hurt my knee, I made a concerted effort to eat better, healthier—since I wasn’t going to be able to get much exercise.

I lost weight. Boom!

Then, I (finally) had surgery on my knee and started physical therapy.

“Okay,” I thought to myself, “I’m getting more exercise now, so I don’t need to pay so much attention to what I’m eating. I ‘deserve’ to splurge a bit.”

I gained weight. Boom!

I knew that I felt good when I was eating better. Why did I stop?

Did I enjoy eating all of that less healthy stuff? Heck yeah.

Did I enjoy eating all that less healthy stuff better than the healthy stuff I had been eating during my convalescence? A resounding NO.

#AndrewComplete, what in the heck were you thinking?

Okay, back to it, then.

I told #chefinthemaking that I was going to start eating better again and that I needed her help (you know, since she’s the one doing the cooking). Even though she can basically eat whatever she wants and not gain a pound (don’t you just hate people like that?), she immediately agreed.

Healthier options started yesterday.

Then, last night as I was walking past the kitchen…


Me: What are you making, my love?

Her: Cinnamon rolls.

Me (giddy, clapping my hands, totally forgetting about this “healthy” business): Oooohhhh! Whaaaaa? Cakes and pies, cakes and pies!!

Her (realizing that my dreams were about to be crushed): Oh, sweetheart...I'm sorry...these are for work tomorrow.

Me (crestfallen):

Her (smiling, without a hint of irony): And remember, we’re supposed to be eating healthier!

Me (standing, staring, frown forming): mmmmuuuuuhhhh


While I totally understood her rationale on an intellectual level…on a “cakes and pies, cakes and pies” level I most certainly did not.

In an instant, I completely forgot about the commitment I made to eat healthier…all I could think about was putting one (or two?) of those cinnamon rolls in my pie hole.

Relationships with food can be complicated, you say, Kelli and Daniel? I have NO idea what you’re talking about!

P.S. And to add insult to injury, friends, I had to smell these guys being baked this morning as I ate my oatmeal…and then had to help put tin foil on the full pan of goodness as #chefinthemaking headed out of the door.