Intermittent fasting & FB Reach: 3-week results

When I started Reach, my goals were flexibility, heal muscle injury, and — big motivator — BUILD CONSISTENCY. By starting with a very low impact program, I knew it would be easier for me to confront everyday, mentally, which has been necessary in this current state of my life. As for the dietary, I started eating healthier meals BUT also had treats like latte, vegan desserts, and chocolate several times a week. During week two, I started walking again — 30-60 minutes and I’ve walked several times a week since then. Walking down the hill from my house to get lunch has been a great activity.

This week, I said I want to push myself a little further and I’ve given up sweets & extras like low calorie drinks and lattes (no matter the available substitutions). This meets my financial goals as well as nutritional goals. Back to tea! 🙂 I have been successful and had moments of victory, but I failed last night — and it was NOT even worth it. Great lesson to learn 😂 However, I’m not resorting to guilt and I’m motivated to keep up the good work. Especially when friends tell me they can tell I’m leaning out 🙂

Here are my results. Reach is JUST a challenging enough, and I am consistently sore. Bodyweight routines and active stretching can offer an incredible burn.

I will probably move on to Low Impact next (Reach ends next week) bc I feel my body telling me it isn’t quite ready for the more intense workouts yet. Anyway, Reach has been an amazing blessing to me and I couldn’t recommend it more highly than by offering this photo and measurement breakdown:

Waist starting 30 now 28

Chest starting 37.5 now 36.5

Arms starting 13 now 12/12.3

Legs starting 24 now 23.5

Consistency pays off! And, I haven’t felt stressed out by this process nor totally consumed by it, which is a different experience for me. Start where you are! Accept your limitations and allow your body and mind to progress at its own rate. Listen to your body, always.