Love Fitness Blender!!!

Hey everyone,

I normally don’t post things like this or share about my personal life, but I am making an exception because I am proud to be a Fitness Blender exerciser! I have been an active follower for about 2 years now. I have bounced back and forth with working out and my weight. At the time, I was not ready to fully commit and let go of my alcoholic beverages. That is why I struggled with my weight even with working out because I wouldn’t let that go.

In June of this year, my husband and I found out we were expecting (his first, my third- after 20 years...whoo) but only 6 weeks in, we ran into complications. I was told I miscarried and needed to be in bed rest, at my follow up appointment we found out that I had a mass that needed to be examined. I was to go immediately to the emergency room. I did as I was told, freaking out. They told me to call my husband in case I had to have surgery. Long story short, I had an ectopic pregnancy and my tube ruptured causing internal bleeding and a blood clot. According to the doctors, the blood clot saved me as tests showed it to have ruptured a week prior and the clot was not allowing the toxins to poison my body. I had to have immediate emergency surgery because if the clot passed, I could die immediately. As per doctors! Talk about being extremely scared of the unknown. Would I wake afterwards, can I still have children with one tube?

I was to be bed bound for 6 weeks for recovery. I took it very hard and still have my moments. I finally brought myself to look at the paperwork that was sent home with me on the possible reasons as to why this happened. Even tho it is said that this happens for no reason. I read that one cause supposedly is cigarette smoking. I smoked for 19 years and January of this year I quit so we could conceive. After my surgery, I have completely quit drinking and dedicated my time to the better me! Working out, being accountable by my Apple Watch, being committed to Fitness Blender, and eating healthy.

I know that this is TMI, but wanted my Fitness Blender family to know how and why I am here today with my Workout Complete accomplishments!

Bottom pic is August 5th when the doctors released me back to full duty and working out. I started Fitness Blender 30 Round 2. I finished it on October 18th, cause I got sick with the flu so had to take time off.

I just started Fitness Blender 30 Round 3 on October 28th and am showing pics of the before and after. I am super proud of my progress. Thank you Kelli and Daniel for making your workouts free and for making the purchased programs affordable. (It’s outrageous how others are priced so high).

Thank you Fitness Blender Family!!!