Wanting a nice cleanse/ "detox"

I'm in no way looking for a 'quick fix' to weight loss as some of you on here know I clean eat and exercise in a healthy way, however had some crappy foods lately and in general I'm feel rather sluggish and not great, I was wondering has anybody done a week or two cleanse or detox that helped them with kick starting theirselves again/giving them energy/ a new look on their 'diet'? I'm a creature of habit I always eat the same foods all the time I'm super picky and I'm happy with what I eat, however lately I've been wanting to get rid of my bloat that I get to make me feel fresh and controlled a bit more, I'm not wanting to drop loads of kilos (although I wouldn't bloody mind it haha) I'm looking to just detox my body from some rubbish that's been going in it lately. Anyone ever done anything they could suggest? I know it's not for everyone and that's ok I understand it'll probably be water weight I'll loose I'm not bothered about that/putting it on etc I just want some suggestions if there's any :))) thanks xx