Nutrition Accountability Partner


I've been doing Fitness Blender off and on for so long I think it might be impossible (2009 I think...) when the free site I had been using started charging for everything ( I truly enjoy the workouts Daniel and Kelli have been bringing into my living room, they have taught me to enjoy exercise! And I love their approach to food and health, but here's my problem: I have so much trouble following it! I know how to eat healthy, and understand balance, but I don't follow it. I get lazy and boil up perogies or pasta, or I order in Pho or get Pizza. If anyone is in a similar situation, and willing, I would love to have a "nutritional accountability partner" holding me to how I know I should be eating. I would gladly do the same for you. I don't like being this bold online because, IRL, I'm a modest person and don't like the idea of having an online persona that is different than my offline one. There comes a time, though, when one has to admit "I need some help/encouragement". I guess this is my time! Appreciate any comments and we can see how to get this thing rolling!

Thanks! Happy Workout Complete