Taboo breaking NSV; pelvic floor issues and FB

So, after my pregnancy, my pelvic floor has been weak.. Sneezing, running, jumping, it all meant crossing my legs and / or hoping I wouldn't wet myself. It has been quite embarrasing at times and I hate having to keep it in mind with everything I do. I had to wear pads everyday, not even for 'just in case' but just because I knew that at one point during the day I would leak.. I have had PT for it and it got better, but if you don't keep up with the exercises, it will get worse again. I have been doing Strong for the last few weeks and have done other programs in the past. I've noticed that the last weeks, my pelvic floor has gotten stronger. Yesterday I did not wear a pad, and I was okay!! It felt so nice and like a massive NSV.

Urinary incontinence has such a big taboo on it, and I have to admit it feels difficult talking about it. But I want to break the taboo and also I want to thank K&D for improving my quality of life..