Struggling to eat well on a busy schedule

Hi all!! This week has been nuts and I haven't had time to workout or make myself a home cooked meal ONCE this week. I have a desk job and then am hustling to build a career in the arts in my off time. It has been really time consuming now that I am booking jobs, I work almost 16 hour days 5 days a week and that's only if I don't book weekend jobs. It's been so hard and I am really struggling to find ways to make meals easier on myself, especially if I can't workout. If I don't eat well it seems like everything kind of falls apart and I feel totally horrible. If I'm eating well, I can cut down on working out and still feel pretty great. But if I am eating junk food (or not enough food, period) it really negatively affects my mental state and I need some advice on how to make busy times easier.

I usually buy prepackaged health foods to eat during the day because it's quick, Kind breakfast bars, etc. and I bring my lunches (usually a frozen health meal) and a snack on a piece of fruit and nuts or nut butter, but evenings has been the problem because I usually depend on that meal for my whole food nutrition since I had time in evenings to cook. Since I have had events and jobs most nights after work that has not been possible anymore, and I feel so awful physically. Sometimes they have food at these events but usually it's not healthy so I choose not to eat it... and then get home and am starving so I either pick up late night takeout, eat a frozen pizza, or just don't eat dinner because it's 10pm and I'm tired and just don't want to deal with it. So it's a vicious cycle.

I struggle a lot with meal prep because I can't stand reheated meals that look like "leftovers" and especially with greens it really grosses me out for some reason. Maybe I just need to get over it for the sake of my health. Are there any nutritional meal preps I can do for lunch&dinner that keep very well and don't feel like you're eating leftovers?? Maybe even a cold meal so I don't have to depend on microwaves to heat stuff up if I'm running around on jobs. At this point for my health, I think it would be great to take in home cooked meals for BOTH lunch and dinner that are actually appealing to me. I am getting tired of the frozen lunches as well and I've been feeling for a while that I need to make a change here as well. I would like to get back to feeling awesome.

Thanks for any advice!!