Feel like I’m doing something wrong, please help!


A few months ago I started reducing my calories to 1400 (keeping about a 500 cal deficit) and working out regularly. I eat mostly whole foods, lots of protein and fresh foods, limiting treats and processed foods. After three months I’ve lost 15 pounds and I feel good, so I’m not totally complaining. But I’ve hit a wall, for about four weeks now my weight put hasn’t budged, my measurements are all the same too, and I feel stuck. I really don’t want to reduce my calories more because even now I feel hungry especially doing FB workouts every day. I want to increase cardio, but some information out there says that too much cardio doesn’t help weight loss and would actually hinder my progress. It’s all so confusing, I’ve read SO MUCH conflicting information. I worry that months will go by with zero changes. I have another 10 pounds I really want to lose, so if anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it!