Feeling stuck

So this is gonna be kinda long.

This is my first time posting on here for something like this, but I really just feel stuck. About 7 weeks ago, my weight spiked up to 170 pounds and of course with water weight I wasn’t really 170 pounds, but that’s what the scale read. I was 131 pounds 4 months before the scale read 170, so I really went off and let myself go for a while.

7 weeks ago, I made myself a workout routine using FB’s free workout videos. MWF consist of upper body strength, TTh consist of lower body strength + Pilates. MF I also do 20 mins of hiit, W I do abs. I have a pretty good schedule set out for myself and I’ve definitely felt stronger than I’ve been when I first started because I’ve been able to increase my weights.

I also follow FB’s meal prep guide and stick to the 1600 calorie diet because I want to be in a deficit and I burn approx. 2100-2300 calories a day.

This is where I’m stuck, when I used to be 131 pounds, I would eat 1200 calories and only focus on cardio and it was so easy for my weight to drop. Ever since I upped to 1600 calories and did weights, my weight has been stuck at 165 for the entire 7 weeks. I measure my waist and hips, but they barely just went down from where I was when the scale read 170 pounds.

I just want to know if I’m doing something wrong or if other people are on the same boat as me. I want to know if I should keep going or if I need to change something up. I was expecting to see more results by the 7 week mark. I know it’s gonna take a lot more than 7 weeks to get to where I want, but I expected at 7 weeks of consistent exercise and proper diet to show more results than I’ve seen.