Down 48 pounds since January

Hello FB Family,

It's me, that really fat guy from Fresno, although 9 months later I'm at least less obese than when I started. I haven't posted here for quite some time but have a new update. Going back to January 2 (I forgot to weigh myself on the 1st) I am down 48 pounds and 6 inches around the waist (from 50.5 to 44.25). I did not think to take a picture of myself in January so I don't have a before and after photo, only a story to share about my success over the past nine months and my new plan.

My post title feels odd because this is a post about my new 1 year plan of not weighing myself. My first hand experience going back to January is that weighing myself on a weekly basis was fun as progress was easy when you kick things off and are more than 100 pounds over a healthy weight. The past few months I've bounced around on the weekly weigh-ins where I could be down as much as 2 pounds, up a pound or the same. On a monthly basis progress was still happening (2-3 pounds) but week to week was the proverbial roller coaster ride.

Feels true to me that the message that is often heard but ignored (by me at least) is that we should focus on healthy habits and not what the scale says. So, I've committed myself to not weighing myself again until September 30, 2020.

For my part, my plan is to continue with a combination of Fitness Blender workouts and programs and some walking. Right now I have a tendinitis problem in my left elbow so that is limiting some workout options.

For proper nutrition, I follow The Daniel Plan which I learned about through my church. Nothing earth-shattering there. Really just the basics that most doctors will tell you about drinking more water, eat more fruits and vegetables instead of processed food and go exercise 5-6 days a week.

I weighed in today at 249.6 without holding my phone and 249.8 while holding my phone to record things for posterity. So, iPhones apparently weight .2 pounds, at least when you have the giant super protective case on it since I drop mine on cement at least a couple of times a month.

I hope this message is encouraging to all who choose to read it that success is attainable. And maybe, someone else will want to join is my Just Say No to Scales campaign. I started an Instagram account a few months back to memorialize all of this as my long term goal is to lose at least 100 pounds, although I think it needs to be more like 120-130. On Instagram my account is Old Dave, New Tricks.

Have a great day.