Today: Before and After...

I usually don’t take pictures of myself, let alone post them.

But, this is me Before and then After a 62 mile bike ride today.

It was a goal of mine to bike the Pine Creek Rail Trail (Pennsylvania, USA) from one end to the other. I had gotten close, doing 55 miles of it earlier this summer. I also did 58.8 miles of the D&L trail three weeks ago, but 62 miles is a new record for me. (It was technically 64 according to my computer; I had to go off the trail a little at lunch time.)

If any of you ride (especially you road bike types), I’ll put this in context for you: 30 pound, ridged, steel frame classic mountain bike with “nubby” classic mountain bike tires on a crushed stone surface. Not the same as a narrow tire, light road bike on a paved surface...

I may not always like my size, shape or weight, but I love what I can DO. And it’s all about what you can DO.

MY heart and lungs did this. MY legs did this. And it’s all because I got over being self conscious about fully commiting to exercising, training, and moving my body. And now my body can do more than it ever could before.