Breastfeeding and exercise


This is a long post and I'm sorry. I'm just frustrated. I know it's completely ok to exercise while you breastfeed. I continued to exercise 3 to 5 days a week throughout my pregnancy and now the baby is 5 months old. My pre-pregnancy weight was around 140 and now I'm somewhere between 155-160. I'm NOT striving for that pre-pregnancy weight because I went from deadlifting 48 pounds to 106 pounds, from curling 12 pounds to 18 pounds and so on. I've gotten a lot stronger so I'm very proud of that. However, I can't lie, I seem to be gaining weight again and I have no idea why. When I started exercising again after I gave birth I gained 6 pounds. So I looked at my diet and figured out I wasn't eating enough calories to maintain myself at all so I made sure to tell My Fitness Pal that I burned a certain number of calories for breastfeeding along with my workout. That spurred a 6 pound weight loss. I was happy! But now, I've gained it back in the last few weeks and I can't understand why. I started the new FB Burn Round 2 and I can't understand why I'm gaining. Am I overtraining, overeating, under-eating? What's happening? Any conversation would be greatly appreciated by this frustrated mom of 3.